65 Degrees North - Grant awarded June 2018

65 Degrees North seeks to help in the rehabilitation of wounded, injured or sick (WIS) current or ex-servicemen and women by offering the opportunity to participate in challenging adventure.

By changing the perception of physical and mental disability through the ‘Spirit of Adventure’ it aims to inspire and motivate others to overcome, achieve and succeed.

A mixture of twelve wounded, injured or sick service personnel and veterans trained in the Pyrenees mountain range in south west Europe and then a team of five were selected to cycle the Munda Biddi trail in Australia.

After a final two days of training on the Gower Peninsular in Wales the team flew to Perth, Western Australia and cycled the 1,000km Munda Biddi trail unsupported in 13.5 days.

“My family appear to have been taken on a journey as well through my illness and it has not been a pleasant one,” said a team member, who suffers from PTSD.

“The Munda Biddi trip however has given them hope and a taster that the old me still exists in there somewhere and hasn't been totally tarnished by the scars of war. 

“For the first time in years I was able to laugh again and not feel guilty for being happy. My family seem to have told the whole local community about our trip and it has been positive rather than negative. 

“My parents seem more relaxed when they are with me now and I sense relief from them. They are even making new retirement plans and I am pleased that it is about them again rather than looking after me.”