Blind Veterans UK - Grant awarded June 2018

Blind Veterans UK has proudly supported blind and vision impaired veterans for over 100 years. 

The charity offer veterans of the British Armed Forces the practical and emotional help they need to rebuild their lives following sight loss.

The grant from the veterans’ Foundation has allowed Blind Veterans UK to expand its volunteer network and offer access to volunteer support to more veterans than ever before. 

We have been able to successfully recruit all of our volunteer co-ordinators, train each co-ordinator and begin the initial process of expanding volunteer numbers. 

This year has seen more veterans than ever before supported by a volunteer and over the next year we will continue to expand on our volunteer numbers and in turn the number of beneficiaries receiving direct support from our volunteers. 

“I’m ex-Army myself and I wanted to something military related,” said Kevin, who’s a home visit volunteer.

“I saw an article in my local paper about Blind Veterans UK and I thought hang on, there’s something different to what other charities have to offer.

“You get a feeling of goodness out of volunteering and a profound sense of pride. It’s really rewarding.

“The enjoyment I get from helping blind veterans is priceless, their pleasure and good humour is infections.

“Talking and interacting with the people I help makes me feel very humble indeed.”