Deptherapy - grant award April 2018

Deptherapy run a developmental process of specially adapted scuba diving programmes.

These unique experiences are taylored for wounded, injured and sick serving UK Armed Service personnel and veterans who have suffered life-changing mental and or physical challenging.

The charity also provides 24/7 support programme members and an active ‘buddy peer’ support scheme.

Those with physical injuries who have took part in these programmes reported that the weightlessness that scuba diving provides and allows them to be pain free.

For those with PTSD and other mental illnesses, it provides a calming environment and a unique form of therapy that has changed the lives of so many that have taken part.

The Veterans’ Foundation grant has been used to transform the lives of 10 veterans.

It’s seen five newcomers all qualify on an Open Water Course, and the five people who took part in the Advanced Open Water Course also qualified as PADI Deep Divers.

The week also included an evening session talking about PTSD and other mental illnesses. 

Each new programme member is assigned a buddy under our peer support scheme, each of whom has passed the Armed Forces' Mental Health First Aid Course.

 "The course made me look at things in a different perspective whereas before I would never ever dream of talking about my problems or what was going on in my life , or the difficulties I was facing on a daily basis,” said Adam Lawrenson formerly of he Rifles.

“Carrying that burden on my shoulders after being on the expedition didn’t seem like such a big deal anymore because being around other people in the same boat helped me to talk to other people and actually face my problems."