Help For Homeless Veterans - Grant award July 2017

Since this charity was created it has helped around 400 veterans with their housing problems and can only continue this essential work because of grants from supporters and donations from the general public.

It’s based in South Yorkshire and have working agreements through Barnsley Council  (Berneslai Homes) and Doncaster Council (St Leger Homes) to rent some of their housing stock and these are sub let to veterans at cost.

Help 4 Homeless Veterans has grown in the past 12 months from 6 properties to 15, and 5 more are about to be signed for.  

Agreements are also in place to expand its capacity with South Yorkshire Housing Association and Target Housing social housing providers to rent more properties.

It also uses private landlords to help veterans in other areas of the country and regularly put homeless veterans into B & B as a stop gap whilst helping find a longer term solution to their situations.

The funding provided by the Veterans’ Foundation will pay for the rental of a lock up which will be used to store furniture and other household items.

This will be used to furnish accommodation provided for individuals that benefit from the housing that’s provided by the charity.

It also provides B&B accommodation for veterans in need while it looks for more permanent housing.

The grant will also help the charity achieve this.

“If it wasn’t for grants from amazing charities such as the Veterans’ Foundation we would be able to change the lives of so many veterans in need,” said Help 4 Homeless Heroes CEO, Steve Bentham-Bates.