Mission Motorsport - Grant awarded Jan 2018

Launched in 2012, Mission Motorsport helps those adversely affected by military operations by engagement through sport.

The charity recognised from the outset the astonishing inspirational and healing potential of sporting activity and Motorsport is unique in that the disabled compete against the able bodied on a level playing field - there is no separate category for disability.  

Engineering allows the charity to adapt vehicles, not the sport, and that leveller is a strong draw that the charity harnesses to help those who may be hard to reach - connecting them with amazing opportunities for second careers, beyond the military.

The Veterans’ Foundation grant played a critical role in helping Mission Motorsport formally launch a new LANTRA training wing, which allows physically disabled veterans to access real-world qualifications in off-road driving, as well as adapt a range of vehicles with hand controls to enable beneficiaries to get back behind the wheel. 



Mission Motorsport’s LANTRA off road driving scheme, started towards the end of 2018, has already seen disabled veterans gain formal training qualifications, and who in turn are now able to aid their peers through coaching and mentoring. 

The 4x4 Professional User course is recognised by industry (BT Openreach, Emergency Services etc.) and the qualification opens the door to a huge number of vocational roles to the disabled veteran community. 

Four Land Rover vehicles make up the fleet, including hand controls which give physically injured beneficiaries access to the outdoors as well as a vehicle in which to learn formal off-road skills as part of the LANTRA accreditation.

Funds from the Veterans’ Foundation also enabled the adaptation of a Mission Motorsport fleet vehicle (Mazda MX-5) to hand controls to teach disabled veterans basic car control. 

To date, nine individuals have learnt to drive the MX-5 as part of their transition and recovery. Further training of the Mission Motorsportteam on the use, adaptation and utilisation of alternative vehicle controls for physically disabled users has given them experience and skills that are transferrable to future projects and enable peer-to-peer training internally and externally.

James Cameron, CEO at Mission Motorsport, said: “Physical disability should not be an ultimate barrier to recovery motorsport and we work with our beneficiaries to make sure that it’s not." 

"This grant from the Veterans Foundation has already successfully helped a number of individuals in their transition, whether they were directly using an adapted vehicle, helping another to do the same or working within a team to allow a disabled veteran to compete or access the sport. 

"As a charity, we are reliant on the generosity of our many sponsors and donors who have enabled us to achieve so much."