The Not Forgotten Association - grant award October 2018

This charity has enriched the lives of injured service personnel since 1920.

Its objective is to act generally for the benefit of service and ex-service personnel with disabilities or who are wounded, including the organisation or provision of items or facilities for leisure and recreational activities, travel, holidays and outings.

The Not Forgotten Association prides itself on delivering high quality and safe recreational and entertainment activities to meet the needs of its beneficiaries, plus provides a caring and personal service that’s fully linked in with other recovery pathways and which is underpinned by an ethos where everyone counts and is valued.

The VF grant will allow the charity to directly address the causes of isolation and loneliness, boost morale, restore confidence, improve mental and physical health.

This will be achieved through its varied and highly-successful series of events which address the needs of the 10,000 plus young and elderly beneficiaries the charity supports every year.

It will deliver respite breaks, concerts, outings and parties.

The money also helped the charity put on a series of live events called ‘Journey Through Conflict’ to commemorate the Armistice Centenary.

Each performance featured veterans, still battling with the physical and mental scars of service, tell their inspiring  stories of injury and rehabilitation.

One of those was former Royal Marines Captain, Jon White, who lost both legs below the knee and his right arm above the elbow when he stepped on an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) while on tour in Afghanistan in 2010.

An audience member reflected on their experience: "That wasn't entertainment .... that was a privilege."

"Jon White is my definition of a hero....his ability to forgive and be grateful will stay with me as long as I live."

"What I experienced tonight will help my depression. 

"Magnificent.... completely magnificent."