The Ripple Pond - grant award Jan 2018


The Ripple Pond was set up by two mothers of seriously wounded servicemen who recognised that no similar service existed purely for adult family members.

What sets this organisation apart is that it empowers each member to seek support when they need it most, in ways that are helpful for them – whether that’s via group meetings, ‘buddies’ or via its secret Facebook page.

Many members are facing similar situations and The Ripple Pond give them a safe space, both physically and mentally, to deal with them.

Whether loved ones are currently serving full-time, as a reservist, a veteran, or whether they have been officially diagnosed or not the charity provide a warm welcome and support people through their own unique challenges.

Thanks to the Veterans’ Foundation grant,  the charity has recruited a new member of staff who has been critical in ensuring that the Charity has been able to cope with a steady increase in numbers of new members, whilst improving direct contact with current beneficiaries. 

There has continued to be a steady flow of new members joining The Ripple Pond, with an average of 11 per month. 

“I feel so much better for sharing and listening. It has helped to process what has happened and understand certain behaviours. I don't feel on my own anymore,” said one Ripple Pond member. 

 “The Ripple Pond has helped more than you could know as It’s lovely to know that I’m not alone.”