Veterans In Action - Grant awarded April 2018

This charity was set up in 2009 to help veterans who have suffered the effects of war or struggled to make the transition to civilian life.

Veterans In Action (VIA) take a non-therapy approach to its support and use the outdoors, challenging events and expeditions to help rebuild veterans’ confidence self-esteem and self-belief.

Thanks to the Veterans’ Foundation grant, along with others like it, VIA started a project called Veterans Expedition Overland.

With the help of 56 veterans, four Land Rovers were built to expedition standard and once completed, were used in a 7,500-mile journey to Greece and back in order to commemorate 100 years since the end of the First World War.

The team travelled through 15 different countries and it was an expedition that made a huge impact on the lives of the veterans taking part in this unique challenge.

These are the words of a wife of one of the veterans, who took part in the expedition and he suffers with PTSD.

“It was difficult letting go as I had been with him 24/7 and I was worried,” she said.

“He went away and oh my word, a different man returned.

“His outlook is so different. He has still has the occasional bad day, but he has come home confident, cheeky, loveable, calm and it has helped our whole family.

“This six-week expedition has reset my husband and made our family whole again.

 “We are eternally grateful to VIA for their ongoing support, advice and straight forward no-nonsense approach when we needed it.

“My husband has come back as the head of our family for the first time, our protector and my (mostly) perfect man. 

“I am so proud of him for the hard work he has put in and we are growing forward together.”