Welcome to the Veterans' Foundation Memorial Wall - a permanent online tribute honouring the lives of loved ones who once served. 

Here we bring together forever the stories and memories of all the amazing men and women whose military service and sacrifice helped safeguard the world we know today. 

If you have a family member or friend that has served and has now passed away, please ensure you spend a few moments to upload their memory to the Memorial Wall - it is important they are recognised.

The memorial can include as much or as little information as you wish, ideally something about their service and civilian life. A picture is preferred, but not essential, as it will help future generations to remember.

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By creating a memorial to a loved one who served you are helping to preserve British history for future generations. Thank you.

(or once on the Wall click submit your hero  in the top bar to begin the upload process).

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Behind every face or regiment badge on the Wall is a hero's story, messages of respect from the public, and candles of remembrance.

🇬🇧A place on the Memorial Wall is reserved for everyone who ever served in the British Armed Forces.

The place is free of charge but there are options to leave a donation which will help us to maintain the Veterans' Foundation Memorial Wall for future generations as well as fund life-changing projects for veterans in need.

If you want to change your tribute, please email memorialwall@veteransfoundation.org.uk


Submit your hero

Placing a tribute to your hero takes just a few minutes. Please include a photo if you can and add any details you want to about their service and civilian life. You might want to include dates like their birthday or anniversaries. Each memorial, even a short one, honours our heroes and helps the Wall grow into a precious history. 

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Veterans' Foundation Memorial Wall

Anyone who has been a member of the British Armed Forces, but are no longer with us, can be honoured on the Veterans' Foundation Memorial Wall. It is also open to Merchant Seafarer veterans. Please help us ensure we embrace all of our past military family and friends.

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Remembrance Candles

For a small charity donation, Virtual Candles of Remembrance can be lit on the Memorial Wall tributes by friends, family or anyone wishing to pay their respects. Candles are also a way of marking special dates in your Hero's life. Candle donations are currently supporting our veterans battling the mental scars of service. To light your special candle just click on the link below and type your hero's name in the search bar. 

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If you want to raise a query relating to the Veterans' Foundation Memorial Wall or you want to change your tribute, please email memorialwall@veteransfoundation.org.uk