For Honouring Heroes and Helping Our Veterans. Thank You

When you light your candle below, your donation is providing vital support to veterans battling the mental scars of service this Christmas.

Every candle that burns bright is a tribute to our heroes past – honouring those who served in our Armed Forces and are no longer with us - as well as a lifeline for veterans in need today.

We can only Light Up A Veteran's Life and achieve our goal with your help.

The more candles lit in memory of our heroes, the more veterans we can help guide out of the darkness of PTSD, anxiety and depression.

The current Light Up A Veteran's Life amount raised is:


Thank you for your support.

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Richard Lee
RIP Dave
Sheila Bridge
Too many heroes taken by PTSD, burn bright for the brave
Janet Walsh
In memory of dad. Always remembered by his loving family. I hope this helps
Loiuse Bainbridge
For John Bainbridge and those who returned but could never be the same. x
Helping Whittlesey
For those who continue to fight an internal war 💔
Penny Winfield
For those who bear the scars
Mel Balding
Support British heroes.x
Muriel Brush
For all the Veterans and Security Forces who served in NI in the dirty war.
Lorna Hunt
Raymond Alfred John Beeson. Love you dad.
Brian Edwards
Lest we forget
Dianne Clover
Remember and respect
Jon Middleton
British Armed Forces - the finest, the greatest. Respect
In loving memory of Dennis Hunter, para, grandad, hero.
Caroline Ross
Many thanks for your service
Rita Parmenter
For the past, present and future veterans.x
Barry O’Connell
God go with you my great shipmate, toGods great Navy
Fiona Jack
For all who serve past and present - We honour and salute your bravery
Karen West
True heroes each and every one. We must never forget
Rita Wilson
Thank you all for our freedom, God Bless you all xx
Andrew watkinson
Susan Bickerton
For those struggling daily with own internal battles .
Meryll Haigh
Thank you.
Hilary Alan Herbert
You gave the ultimate sacrifice at such a young age. You are not forgotten
alex moir
Thank you all for your service
Sue Vanscolina
This is in memory of my dad who served in the RHA first and Third. love you
Stephen Paul Courtney
Thank you for your vital service to our country
Kristian Walker-Small
Remembering all those who fought and continue to fight for us x
Christopher Grant
Never forgotten
Aaron Alwood
Will never forget my heroes of the past and present.
doreen Hughes
Bless them all.
Sarah Marsh
To all veterans old and new. We are all heroes.
David Reid
For everyone at Christmas
Colette Jones
For all our Hero’s. Thank you
Merry Christmas Dad!!
Patricia Crust
Paul Scarborough
To my Dear Mum, I didn't get to say goodbye, but I will love you forever!
Michael Potten
I wish we'd had more time to know you better. Thinking of you grandad x
Neil Bancroft
May you find peace and calmness in the months to come from one veteran to a
Neil & Donna Aspinshaw
You are always in our thoughts & prayers. We will remember your sacrifice.
Karyn Aygun
My Dad (Dave Wilson) & my brother (Gary Wilson) miss you both, but so proud
so much given by so few for so many.x🐾🐾
Christopher Phillips
Stay strong, you can get through, people do care
John Keay
In memory of Alexander Keay and Charlie Lewis
Noreen Wright
For all our fallen service men.Thankyou.
I am disgusted at the government for failing our veterans.
Tony McCullough
In remembrance of my brothers in arms
John Belsey
Wishing all our armed forces buddies a peaceful Christmas and New Year
Jim Allen
God Bless U All
Maureen Grimshaw
I’m so grateful for what you have done for this country.
Andy Twaddell
Simply thank you
Dave Jones
Must never be forgotten
At the going down of the sun and in the morning, I will remember you.
David Kilgallon
John Packhamii
This is for all involved in war in trying to make a better world
Anne Higgins
God bless you all and thank for your service to us. 🙏
Steve Capper
Peter & Frank - brothers
To all those past and present who have served
Alexander Cowie
I thank each and every member of our armed forces for their bravery.
Stephen Townsend
Merry Christmas to you all. We thank you for keeping us all safe.
Frederick Jacques
Kevin Gairn
All gave some - Some Gave All - With Thanks and Respect.
Douglas Grant
Peter & Frank
To all those who have served both past and present
Glenda Dean
Forever grateful
Steven Plant
Remembering all service men and women . Past and present.
viv williams
David Lane
Thank you for your service. May 2022 bring you stability, strength and hope
Wullie Rae
Brothers and Sisters your sacrifice will be forever remembered. RIP
Bernadette McDade
For all those veterans still suffering from the conflicts.
Eric Thomas
A tribute to the Corp I served in. Thank you
Stephen Jarvis
My utmost respect for what you all gave.
Michael Hodges
For heroes🇬🇧🇬🇧
Phill Brough
For those who gave all. Thank you. May god look after your soul
Pauline-Les Hughes
For all those still fighting PTSD 😢..
Carl Foxton
For those who returned but could never be the same. Your country is by your side.
Wishing to help in any small way.
Help Is On Its Way to You All . Seek and find what is heading your way .


Richard Lee
My candle remembers my great friend Dave Butler, Queen's Lancs Regiment, may his memory support veterans of today
Daniel May
Lest we forget heroes past, and give hope to those battling PTSD this Christmas
Dave Harris
Gone but never forgotten. May we light up a veterans life - show your support.
Christopher Winnard
My candle is a symbol of Honour for all the brave men & women who sacrificed everything and some paid the ultimate price for our freedom today. This Honour goes out to Past, Present & Future Veterans. Lest We Forget.
Penny Winfield
In tribute to dad, always missed.
Shane Tilley
Respect to all those who served
Bet Knight
To our heavenly heroes, may you rest in peace. Your memory lives on so it may help today's servicemen and women live with their scars of service
Jon Middleton
Their names liveth for ever more
Deborah Evans
Sgt Henry Wagner, Navigator with 51Sqnm RAF Snaith 1944, Died October 2020 aged 97.
Peter & Frank
Private William Thomas Playford G4528 C Company, 1st Battalion, The Buffs - East Kent Regiment 16th Brigade, 6th Division: 15 Star, War Medal and Victory Medal - Great Grandad -RIP
Brenda Lacey
To all Veterans who are suffering please please reach out for help we love you all too much to lose any more.
Linda Peachment
Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year
Jane Sewell
At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them.
Kim Bainbridge
Remembering those who served, respecting those still fighting their own personal battles. All heroes.
Phil Waring
The greatest Armed Forces in the world.
Michael Hodges
My grandfather was a para in WW2, never said much about it but he was very proud (and often bad tempered). Now I understand more about what he did it explains many things. We must never forget what these men and women gave for our country, our freedom. God bless them. Britain is strong on remembrance but we must also support those from more recent conflicts - many are never the same after their service.I light my eternal candle for all British heroes - it is my way of giving something back a month so history can be preserved and help and support given.
Carl Foxton
For those who returned but could never be the same. Your country is by your side.
Mark C Pirie,
To all those who've served, given up, and suffered the traumatic experiences of Hostile conflicts from WW2, on through the decades, right up into Now...