Who we help - the Hub

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How we help - The Charity Hub

The Veterans' Foundation Hub exists to connect those that provide frontline charitable support with individuals and businesses willing, and able, to help fund this life-changing work. The VF is positioned at the centre of this Hub and assists both charities and donors all over the UK.

We are well-placed to provide this central role by using the expertise that we have built up through service in the military, in some cases, as well as considerable engagement with charities and charitable organisations. Since the Foundation's inception in 2016, we have provided millions of pounds in vital grants to hundreds of such organisations.

The Veterans' Foundation Hub is focussed on engaging the military community and distributing funding to where it is most needed, to projects that have the biggest impact on lives in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Since inception in 2016, we have given £21,131,156 to 1,406 projects in 449 charities and organisations.  Here is an example of the grants awarded from 2021 to 2024 across the UK.  Please click on the map for more information. 

How does the Veterans' Foundation attract funds to the Hub?

The Veterans’ Foundation raises funds through a number of sources including the Veterans’ Lottery (VL), donations to the Veterans’ Foundation and the Veterans' Foundation Memorial Wall.

The Veterans’ Foundation is enhancing its ability to attract donations. As much as is possible of donations goes to good causes and to date we have given away 100% of donations. In future, a percentage of that will be required to run our enhanced donation capability as we cannot use restricted funds raised through the VL to do this.

Through the Hub, the Veterans’ Foundation provides the following service:

  • Receiving donations, enabling Gift Aid for taxpayers to enhance the donation by 25%
  • Advising donors about charities and organisations that are helping service people and qualified seafarers and their dependants in need, should they require this. The Veterans’ Foundation’s expertise and ability to carry out due diligence has been built up through managing bids for grants and building up a relationship with recipients. The Veterans’ Foundation can advise donors where their donation can have best effect in particular sectors, for instance with mental health or homelessness.
  • The Veterans’ Foundation can enable donors to set up an account with the Veterans’ Foundation, which can be regularly used for donations to the Service Third Sector, ensuring that Gift Aid is acquired for the Veterans’ Foundation and ensuring donors are in the best position to offset donations according to laws and regulations espoused by HMRC.

If you represent a business, or are a potential donor, and would like to discover more about how the Veterans' Foundation Hub operates,  you can contact us at enquiries@veteransfoundation.org.uk