Apply for a grant from the Veterans’ Foundation

If you represent a charity or an organisation that provide assistance to serving and former members of the British Armed Forces who are in need, you can apply for a grant from the Veterans' Foundation. Grants are also available to operationally qualified seafarers and their dependants. 

You can apply for a grant from the Veterans' Foundation through our online platform. Before telling us about your charity or project please read our guidance

Please note that the Veterans’ Foundation's trustees are more likely to award grants to low and medium wealth organisations rather than 'wealthy' ones. They will consider a range of factors including the service or item being funded, the number of beneficiaries, the importance of the grant to the applicant organisation, the efficiency of the organisation, need of the beneficiaries and its urgency.

Email us first to check if you're eligible

If you would like to check your charity's eligibility for a grant from the Veterans' Foundation, please email

First, create an account

To help you complete and monitor the staus of your grant application, you need a Veterans' Foundation Grant Application account.  This is simple and free to create.  Enter your email address to get started.

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How to apply for a Veterans’ Foundation grant

  1. Create an account to start the Veterans’ Foundation grant. Enter your charity email address - if you don’t have one, your personal email will suffice. Click Create an account below to begin the process.
  2. You will receive an email, click Create Account in the email - this will register your email address with the Veterans’ Foundation
  3. After clicking the email link, you will be asked to set a password - this must be at least 10 characters and include one character that is not a letter (such as a digit or exclamation mark).
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts, answer the questions and upload documents when asked. First, you will complete an organisation profile.  Next, you will upload any supporting documents you can provide.  Finally, you will complete the grant applications with details about your funding request.  Once the grant application has been successfully submitted, you will receive an email confirmation.
  5. You can add your details when it suits you. You can log back into your account and continue to fill in your Veterans’ Foundation grant application whenever you want, your details and application process will be saved.
  6. When you have completed the application process, click submit. 
  7. The Veterans’ Foundation trustees will review your grant application and decide whether to provide a grant this time. 
  8. You can submit another application whenever you wish, your account will remain active.

Please see our FAQs and choose "Applying for a grant" to learn more about applying for a grant from the Veterans' Foundation.

If you need further advice, send your query to