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Veterans' Foundation cover a year's salary

September 01 2020

How does Broughton House help Veterans?

Broughton House is a nursing home that caters to British Armed Forces Veterans. It has a heroic history, Broughton House was first set up to treat the great swathes of wounded coming from the trenches of WW1. It soon became clear that the soldiers they looked after needed ongoing, long-term support.

It has not stopped providing the specialist support to soldiers and veterans since 1916. Today, the Broughton House charity and nursing home ensure that Veterans are able to spend their remaining time with friends and supported by a dedicated team.

Friendship and dignity for the Veterans in their care is high on the agenda for Broughton House. The charity offers supported living to those that are capable of living by themselves comfortably. And they offer specialised, holistic care for those who need extra support. No matter the support needed by the Veterans in their care, Broughton House are on-hand to provide it. 

The North-West of England is a major recruitment area for the British Armed Forces. As such, many ex-servicemen and women find themselves returning to the area once their career in the military is over. 

Broughton House is pushing on to build the North-West’s first-ever Veterans’ care village. This complex will be situated in Greater Manchester and will be a beacon of hope for the Veterans’ community in the North-West and provide care for Veterans of past, future and present generations

How has Veterans’ Foundation helped Broughton House?

Veterans’ Foundation has provided a grant that will cover the salary of their Health and Wellbeing Co-ordinator for a year. This means that Broughton House can continue to focus their efforts on providing the best possible standard of care for the Veterans who reside at the home.

Brigadier (Ret’d) Tom O’Brien, Chair of the Broughton House Executive Committee, said: “It’s wonderful to have the continued support of the Veterans’ Foundation at such a challenging time. Covid-19 has put increased pressure on our finances and reduced the opportunities for fundraising. This grant ensures we will be able to continue providing a dedicated health and wellbeing co-ordinator for our residents over the next 12 months. It’s extremely important that they have regular opportunities for social interaction for the benefit of their mental and physical wellbeing. The importance of this cannot be underestimated.”

Veterans’ Foundation Chief Executive David Shaw explained “Broughton House will be able to focus the care they give to Veterans through this appointment, making sure their quality of life is enhanced. Keep up the good work, Broughton House!”

Veterans’ Foundation is able to give large grants to the Armed Forces Charities that need support because of the kindness and generosity of its supporters. You can help Veterans’ Foundation make real change in the UK Veterans’ community by donating today or by Playing the Veterans’ Lottery.


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