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Future for Heroes receive grant

May 13 2020

Veterans’ Foundation is proud to support Future for Heroes (F4H), we believe the work they do with veterans from the UK Armed Forces is crucial. Since 2008, Future for Heroes has supported over 800 veterans to plan their future outside of the Armed Forces.

Who Are Future for Heroes?

Like other charities working with veterans, F4H recognise the incredible hardship veterans face on leaving active service. Adjusting to civilian life is hard no matter the length of service. There is often a loss of identity and purpose waiting for veterans upon leaving service. 

Anyone who has looked for work can understand the stress associated with job seeking. But it is often harder for veterans who have often only ever worked in a unique armed forces setting. The stress and pressure of searching for work along with struggling with readjusting to civilian life can often lead to veterans finding themselves on a downward spiral where they feel helpless and uncared for. Depression, homelessness, drug-dependency and prison are all too common side effects of leaving the Armed Forces.

Future for Heroes seeks to ensure that ex-forces personnel have the help they need forging a career once their service has ended. They run courses which help veterans understand their individual strengths and help them plan a future for themselves. These are absolutely crucial steps in helping veterans move in a positive direction.

Future for Heroes explain their mission: “We strive to develop the ability of serving and retired members of the armed forces of all ranks and status – and their spouses/partners – to manage the dramatic change in cultures when resuming civilian life in such a way that they are better able to identify, and help meet, their needs and to participate fully in society.”

How Veteran Kelvin was helped by Future for Heroes

“Future for Heroes (F4H) helped me to open up and know where I wanted to go. They gave me an understanding of myself and other people around me. The combination of classroom work and outside work was fantastic.”

“When I arrived at F4H I was afraid to show my feelings and had no idea what I wanted. But with the help of people on F4H and talking to them made me see that I could still go for things and not to be afraid of the future. I now have a true purpose in life and I have goals that I have started to go for.”

“Without F4H many ex-servicemen and women could be left feeling alone and not knowing what they want. I would recommend F4H to all servicemen and women who do not know what they want or where they are going. Also for those suffering from stress or depression F4H is a valuable charity resource.”

“I would like to thank them all very much for the work they do for all that come to them.”

How Can I Help?

Veterans’ Foundation supports over 120 veterans’ charities like Future for Heroes. We know that small charities like F4H make real changes to ex-servicemen and women. Veterans’ Foundation has given over £2million to veteran’s causes we couldn’t do it without our supporters who donate, play the National Veterans’ Lottery or leave us a little something in their will.

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