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Invictus Foundation receives grant

May 13 2020

The Veterans’ Foundation is proud to announce that the Invictus Games Foundation is amongst the latest recipients of a grant to further the support of UK armed forces veterans.

How does the Invictus Games Foundation help veterans?

Patron of the Invictus Games Foundation, Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry sees the Invictus Games and the Foundation as a way for wounded heroes to complete their journey to recovery. 

Taken from the Latin word meaning “unconquered,” Invictus has helped to inspire many veterans to achieve more. 

The Invictus Games give its participants the opportunity to compete on a global level in intense competition with others. One participant noted that there is an emphasis on support for competitors, not just pity. This helps them feel more than simply a sum of their disabilities. 

The next Invictus Games will be hosted by The Hague on 9th-16th of May 2020. These games will bring together over 500 competitors from 19 nations to compete in varied sports.

Not only do the individuals taking part relish exhibiting the resolve and strength of character by taking part in the games, but the games also help them on their path to recovery. 

Prince Harry explained “It’s never just the individual that suffers, it’s the family as well. Despite the fact that the focus is always on the individual, everybody needs recovery.” The Games offer just that, a chance for recovery. Being able to visibly share their support and join in the celebration with their loved ones can be an important part of the healing process for the family as a whole. To support the Invictus Games Foundation amongst many other charities that help veterans who have left the forces, sign up to play the Veterans’ Lottery. You will have the chance to join our growing list of £25,000 winners.

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