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Scottish Support Centre Kept Open by ‘Vital’ Grant

November 05 2021

Funding from the Veterans’ Foundation has staved off the threat of closure for an important support centre for Scottish veterans.

The Lothians Veterans Centre (LVC) will continue to provide a range of services to veterans thanks to the £30,000 award, including housing advice, employability services and both physical and mental health assistance.

“We were facing a real financial pinch in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic,” explained Ian Stewart, CEO of the Lothians Veterans Centre.

“This award helps to give us the peace of mind that we will be able to keep the centre open and operating, allowing us to help and support vulnerable veterans in need,” he added.

The LVC supports over 300 ex-service personnel and their families every year, assisting with the transition into civilian life and addressing difficulties associated with service.

Emotional support and social inclusion activities aimed at improving physical and mental health are also a big part of the charity’s operations and the Dalkeith centre is key to delivering these aims.

“We have hundreds of veterans every year who come to us for help and support and this award will keep that lifeline open,” said Ian.

“Huge thanks to the Veterans’ Foundation and everyone who plays the Veterans’ Lottery for this generous and vital award.”

For more information on the Lothians Veterans Centre, please visit, and to play the Veterans’ Lottery, supporting many more projects like this all over the UK, sign up here.

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