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Mission Motorsport receive grant

May 13 2020

Mission Motorsport offer veterans the unique opportunity to take part in a sport where physical and mental disabilities have no influence on the opportunity. This enables veterans who have suffered major physical disabilities to race alongside able-bodied competitors. 

How does Mission Motorsport help veterans?

James Cameron, CEO at Mission Motorsport, said: “Physical disability should not be an ultimate barrier to recovery motorsport and we work with our beneficiaries to make sure that it’s not. This grant from the Veterans Foundation has already successfully helped a number of individuals in their transition, whether they were directly using an adapted vehicle, helping another to do the same or working within a team to allow a disabled veteran to compete or access the sport. As of December 2018, Mission Motorsport has placed over 140 Wounded, Injured and Sick servicemen and women into jobs across automotive, engineering and motorsport and through changes we’ve made to industry hiring practices, that figure sees a total of over 1,700 service leavers finding careers.”

In the words of veteran Cliff: “I wasn’t expecting the impact it would have on me! I feel now that they have given me opportunities to do things I wouldn’t normally be able to do. I have newfound confidence now to help others in the same situation as me, therefore, having a profound effect on me and my own recovery”

They modify vehicles to enable drivers with limited opportunity to drive normal vehicles to take full control of powerful racing cars.

Mission Motorsport enters many renowned competitions across the UK and Europe that are a test of any driver, you can keep abreast of their next races via their website.

A wife of one injured veteran explained the impact this charity has had on her life: “I have my husband back and the kids have their father back. Mission Motorsport is like a massive family and it’s not only just about the guys and girls, they are also here for the families behind the beneficiaries.” You can support Mission Motorsport alongside hundreds of other charities by playing the Veterans’ Lottery. It costs £10 a month and not only will you be in the draw to win £25,000 every month, but you’ll also be helping great charities like this to carry out their indispensable work.

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