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Veterans in Action receive grant to help veterans build new lives

May 13 2020

Veterans’ in Action (VIA) exists to help veterans build a social life outside of the army, they carry out mammoth walks across the UK and expeditions across the world. Veterans are trained in the necessary skills to take part in and lead these adventures. 

How Veterans in Action will use Veterans' Foundation grant

Veterans in Action founder Billy MacLeod thanked the Veterans’ Foundation: “The support from the Veterans’ Foundation for this project has been outstanding and we can’t thank them enough.”

This donation will go towards rebuilding Christie, an important vehicle in VIA’s fleet that was damaged on a recent expedition. 

The grant money will also be used to help repair 3 other fleet vehicles that need some work to make them expedition-ready. To learn more about where this money will go, read the VIA explanation.

Veterans in Action also help provide mental support for veterans. They run their bespoke ALIVE programmes that seek to give veterans help in coping with life after war.

As the charity was founded and is run by veterans who have first-hand experience of both the physical and mental effects of returning to civilian life after war, they are in a unique place to offer guidance and support in acclimatising to everyday life.

McLoud notes that when applying for charitable grants charities often have to come up with a new project to ensure they meet the criteria for the grant. He tells us “The Veterans’ Foundation is different, they will fund an existing project and this grant enables us to continue with Veterans Expeditions Overland enabling many more veterans to get involved and we cannot thank them enough for the support.” 

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