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Veterans' Foundation CEO on the Christmas period

December 14 2020

It’s good news about the COVID-19 vaccinations, isn’t it?  Nevertheless, our Christmases will be affected by the pandemic and we will all need to follow guidelines in order to avoid spreading the virus.  However, spare a thought for the homeless, as they will be in a much worse situation than us; they’ll be thinking about survival and separation from family as well as when and if they can be vaccinated.  Although there are a number of excellent small and large charities and other organisations helping reduce homelessness, some homeless veterans will slip through the net.  If you come across any, contact the Veterans Gateway or other local organisations to see if these people can be provided with accommodation, at least for Christmas but preferably much longer.

While we may be able to enjoy the company of friends and family at this time of year, some of the serving members of the armed forces will be on duty, perhaps deployed somewhere inhospitable around the world.  Although service people are resourceful and will make the most of their situation, celebrating Christmas in the best way they can, I have no doubt they will still be missing home and all that the holidays bring.  If you know anyone on duty or operations over the holiday period, do get in touch and remind them you’re thinking of them.  They’re serving the country and we should show our gratitude.

Through your donations and participation in the Veterans’ Lottery, the Veterans’ Foundation is able to provide grants to organisations that are helping people overcome mental health challenges.  These organisations may vary from providing timely psychotherapy to simple but important social interaction.  The mental health challenges that these veterans and their dependants face may range from anxiety to PTSD and each situation will be unique and personal.  We can help by remembering that connecting with other people, being physically active, learning new skills, giving to others and appreciating the present moment are all helpful in boosting our mental health.

Talking of communication, the Veterans’ Foundation conducts most of its business online and we have an expert team in place communicating with you; their efforts over the past year, in spite of the pandemic, have been terrific.  Through their work the Veterans’ Foundation has been able to help more and more people in need.  Not only will our communications team provide you with interesting news and stories but they can put people in touch with one another and on occasions, ensure where support is needed, someone can provide a link to someone or an organisation that can help.

Please keep following us and enjoy the increase in Veterans’ Lottery prizes that have been advertised already if you subscribe to the Veterans’ Lottery.


Finally, remember to spread the word that we can provide grants to charities and organisations conducting charitable activities people should apply for grants through this link: .


Enjoy whatever festival you may be celebrating later this month, have a good break if you have holidays and let’s hope 2021 is better than 2020 has been for most people.



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