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A word from Veterans’ Foundation CEO

November 16 2020

Throughout the first half of November, the UK remembers those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the country and most families have a connection with someone who has either volunteered or been duty-bound to fight for the country, to risk life and limb. 

While the country has been under degrees of lockdown we have had to change the way we normally express ourselves and I have been impressed with the elegant distanced and online remembrance activities that have been arranged.  In spite of the national remembrance, families hold their own remembrance at other times of the year, perhaps every day; for many, it isn’t just the first half of November when they feel their loss.

We are very grateful for the terrific support you give the Veterans’ Foundation so that we can pass grants to members of the armed forces family who are in need.  Two weeks ago, the trustees gave out grants amounting to £800K to 38 charities and other organisations and these grants will make a huge difference to many people. Again, the grants will help a wide cross-section of needs, such as helping veterans counter mental health challenges, providing health and well-being activities, supporting families whose spouses may be on operations, helping Veterans gain employment and helping those who may have disfigurements from wounds. None of this would be possible without your help in playing the lottery and making donations, so once again, thank you!

Charities are undergoing a tough time at the moment as they are not able to hold their usual fundraising activities, for instance, events, fundraising in shopping centres or holding functions and this means that the money we are able to provide them is all the more important. The Veterans’ Foundation mostly conducts its business online so we are in a strong position to help others. Please keep supporting us and enjoy the increase in prizes that have been advertised already.

Finally, remember to spread the word that we can provide grants to charities and organisations conducting charitable activities.


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