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The Latest Update From Our CEO...

October 26 2021

The Veterans’ Foundation is delighted to have awarded a further £935k in September to help people in need in the Armed Forces' community.

This money has funded grants for over 30 different organisations who will deliver all sorts of useful services and activities, from psychotherapy for those suffering from PTSD or other mental health challenges, to urgent taxi trips; from housing for the homeless, to sporting activities which help increase wellbeing.

Although we aim to provide grants to good small and medium-wealth charities, we are able to support some of the larger charities as well - for instance, SSAFA Scotland (helping with recruiting new caseworkers), Combat Stress (providing core costs to enable mental health experts to help veterans in the South of England Hub) and the RAF Association (transforming part of Rothbury House, into retirement accommodation for veterans). We have also been able to provide Dundee Therapy Garden with salary costs to deliver horticultural therapy to local veterans.

Tickets for Troops provides free tickets for sporting and cultural events to serving members of the armed forces, including families, and some people who have been medically discharged. Attendance at these events is a compensation for the pressures of service. The Veterans’ Foundation has provided a grant to cover salary costs for the staff who run the excellent Ticket for Troops. 

Recently I visited the new Veterans Community Hub that’s being established at Newton Aycliffe near Durham. A number of charities and CICs have been drawn together by Veterans Woodcraft to form the Hub. These charities and CICs will provide a range of support to local veterans, including signposting for medical, local authority and Government support as well as training for employment.

Veterans will be able to obtain mental health treatment at the Hub, as well as social interaction through taking part in art and theatrical activities. There is also an all-important café/restaurant at the centre of the Hub. We wish these organisations well with the project and the Veterans’ Foundation is pleased to provide a grant for the Hub coordinator.

Overall, the Veterans’ Foundation has now given out 486 grants, amounting to £8m. This is a reflection of the continuous support the charity receives from the public, so thank you.

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