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Forces Mum Scoops £5,000 Veterans’ Lottery Win

March 23 2022

A Fleetwood mother scooped £5,000 in the Veterans’ Lottery just ONE DAY after her son had left to join the Army.

Incredibly, Stacey Spedding bagged February’s top prize less than 24 hours after her 18-year-old son went to begin his initial training to join the British Armed Forces - exactly the people she signed up to help.

“I signed up because I saw one of the Veterans’ Foundation’s videos about mental health on Facebook and it absolutely broke my heart,” said Stacey.

“I wanted to join straight away, especially with my son starting his training, but I never thought I’d actually win!”

The 38-year-old’s family connection was one big reason why she wanted to play the Veterans’ Lottery, but after hearing that a friend’s son-in-law had taken his own life after serving in Afghanistan, she wanted to make sure she was making a difference.

“There is just not enough veteran support out there, especially for mental health.”

“To have served is a great thing – but then to come out and be left to do whatever and have no support is awful,” added Stacey.

“I just wanted to do what I could to help.”

Despite having only been playing for four months, the Lancashire native took home the top prize, which comes as a very welcome boost in the current climate.

“Winning this money is amazing, it couldn’t have come at a better time with bills and everything – some of the money will also go towards a new phone and a new car.”

February’s £2,000 second prize went to 80-year-old Andrea Goodman from Stanmore, while a further 40 players each bagged the £120 third prize, meaning that almost £12,000 was awarded to Veterans’ Lottery players in February.

And it gets better – as of May, the Veterans’ Lottery Rollover Jackpot is rising to a huge £50,000!

As one of the fastest-growing charitable lotteries in the UK and in line with national guidelines governing lotteries, the prize structure of the Veterans’ Lottery is being adjusted to reflect its success.

May’s Rollover pot is now a massive £45,000, in addition to the individual guaranteed £5,000 first prize for the Veterans’ Lottery, with a £2,000 second prize and 40 third prizes of £120 each.

1st prize: £5,000.

2nd prize: £2,000.

3rd prize: 40 x £120.

Rollover: Up to £45,000.

Max possible win per draw: £50,000.

You can increase your chances of winning one of these great prizes by playing multiple times – you can have up to FIVE entries in each month’s draw – and there have been no less than seven Rollover jackpot winners since January 2021.

To sign up and play the Veterans’ Lottery or to boost your chances to win, please click the button below – every sign up will support those British Armed Forces personnel who need our help.

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