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Biggest ever Veterans’ Lottery winner lands £35,000 in latest draw!

February 12 2021

What are the latest National Veterans' Lottery results?

Congratulations to Caroline Haxton, who has just won £35,000 to become the biggest ever winner in the Veterans’ Lottery!

The 43-year-old, from Abernethy in Perth, Scotland, landed the big money prize in the January draw – and has pledged to give some of it back to veterans.

Caroline only signed up to play the lottery in November 2019 and was rendered speechless when she got the news to say she’d won both the £5,000 top prize – and the new £30,000 rollover.

“When I was told I was a winner on the Veterans’ Lottery, my first thought was ‘maybe it’s £250, which would great,’ she said.

“But then the caller said I’d won £35,000, I literally couldn’t find any words. It was amazing.”

Caroline, who helps her husband Craig run both a farm and a business fitting garden studios, started playing the lottery three months ago after seeing an advert on Facebook.

“I’ve always held veterans in very high esteem and believe anyone who has the ‘cojones’ to go to war deserves our support.

“I have three friends who all served in the Army, and they’ve told me about some of the terrible things they have seen

“My grandfather served in WW2 and came home, but my husband’s great uncle fought in WW1 and didn’t make it back.”

Caroline has already promised to donate some of her winnings back to veterans – as well as pay off outstanding debts and book a holiday.

“The least I can do is give £1,000 of my winnings back to the Veterans’ Foundation to help it continue with the brilliant work it’s doing in looking after British veterans in need,” she added.

For your chance to win £35,000 in the Veterans’ Lottery, please sign up today.

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