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Veterans’ Lottery winner ‘totally amazed’ after landing £35,000 in the latest draw!

July 12 2021

Congratulations to Renée Chamberlain who has just won £35,000 in the latest Veterans’ Lottery draw!

The civil servant, who works at RAF Wyton in Cambs, collected the £5,000 first prize – and the £30,000 rollover pot too.

It makes her the fourth £35k Veterans’ Lottery winner in just six months.

“This is awesome – I’ve never won anything like this before. I still can’t believe it,” said 43-year-old Renée, who comes from St Neots.

“I work day-to-day with the military and I have seen the sacrifices our Armed Forces make to keep our country safe.

“My grandfather fought in WW2 and I’ve always had huge respect for those who serve and keep us safe. They do an amazing job.”

Renee intends to use her winnings to put a deposit down on a house, clear some debts – and enjoy a holiday.

“After such a tough year, this is an absolutely amazing and lovely surprise. The money is fantastic and will go a long way.”

As a big supporter of our Armed Forces, and someone who is extremely proud to be British, Renée thinks the Veterans’ Lottery is the perfect vehicle for helping UK veterans.

“It’s my way of giving something back,” she added. “The Veterans’ Foundation is a great cause and by playing I am doing my bit to help British veterans in need.”

The £2,000 second prize was won by Richard Grice, who comes from Southport, Lancs, while a further 40 players each received £120.

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