Why does the Veterans' Foundation support Launchpad?

Launchpad provides veterans with accommodation and support to help them build a more stable life. Veterans can access the accommodation and support through Launchpad in Newcastle and Liverpool. 

Over £1 million was spent on both of Launchpad’s facilities to ensure that the veterans who use them are well catered to. Launchpad is a base from which veterans are supported to work towards a better life. With training, support and guidance, veterans are given the tools they need to seek work and stable, long-term housing. Life in the British Armed Forces can leave some veterans with underdeveloped social skills. Launchpad has found that giving veterans access to social integration activities helps them to adjust more easily to civilian life. The charity provides its veterans with a number of successful activities which add much value to the veterans who access their services. 

Whilst she was Prime Minister, Theresa May recognised Launchpad’s work in the veterans’ community with Points of Light awards for its founders. She wrote: “The transition to civilian life can be a challenging one, but your important work is giving servicemen and women in need the opportunity to create rewarding and fulfilling lives for themselves after their military careers.” 

When a veteran chooses to live at Launchpad establishment they are encouraged to find employment and housing within two years. Currently, over 380 veterans have benefitted from the care provided by Launchpad.

How you can support the Veterans' Foundation

The Veterans’ Foundation has provided grants to hundreds of UK-based military charities and organisations since its inception in 2016. It is dedicated to distributing funding to where it is most effective and millions of pounds have been given to projects that have a positive impact on British veterans, and their dependents, in need.

If you’d like to become of a supporter of the Veterans’ Foundation you can do so by making a donation, by fundraising, by leaving something to Veterans' Foundation in your will or by joining the Veterans’ Lottery. Thank you.