Bridge for Heroes Receive Grant

Bridge for Heroes Headquarters in King's Lynn
Bridge for Heroes Headquarters in King's Lynn

According to reports, as many as two veterans commit suicide every week. Charities like Bridge for Heroes have been created to support veterans in need and to help those finding integration into society a challenge. Veterans' Foundation is proud to support Bridge for Heroes with a grant to help continue their amazing life-changing work... 

Who is Bridge for Heroes?

Bridge for Heroes uses Reminiscence sessions, amongst other forms of therapy, to help spark conversation and memories between British veterans. The idea behind these sessions is to encourage veterans to open up about previous experiences. Bridge for Heroes knows that talking about traumatic experiences that affect present-day circumstances can help ex-forces personnel to move beyond the painful and stressful experiences that influence their day-to-day life. The pressures of life in the army and the difficulties veterans face dealing with life outside of the close-knit community provided by the army can have long-term impact of mental wellbeing.

The charity also supports those who are homelessness, provides welfare support and run many one-to-one support sessions for veterans.

Bridge for Heroes gives veterans hope within their own local community. At its centre in Kings Lynn, Bridge for Heroes support an average of 54 veterans a month, have held 156 workshops, provided over 1,000 lunches, poured 6,500 cups of tea and coffee, and held 16,054 support sessions. The work is practical and gives UK veterans a real lifeline when they need it most. 

How can I help veterans in need?

Veterans Foundation has given grants to over 160 charities like Bridge for Heroes. We couldn’t offer veterans in need the help we do without our amazing supporters who donate or play the Veterans’ Lottery. 

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