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Combat Stress receives grant

May 13 2020

The Veterans’ Foundation is proud to support Combat Stress with a grant. Combat Stress continues to give real support to veterans who are in need across the UK.

Who are Combat Stress?

Combat Stress has existed since 1919 and specialises in supporting veterans facing mental health issues. Combat Stress provides veterans with information to learn more about the problems they may be suffering with and get practical help from their dedicated team. 

Veterans and families of veterans can make contact with Combat Stress via phone calls, online access and in person at specialist centres around the UK. The staff at Combat Stress are highly trained and fully capable of helping veterans move forwards in the journey to recovery. 

What does Combat Stress do?

Veteran Paul has been helped by the amazing work of Combat Stress. He was diagnosed with PTSD following his service in the Falklands “Nothing prepared me for my first tour to the Falklands – I had a constant feeling of fear. It was whilst I was out there that I started drinking. I turned to alcohol to numb everything."

Paul attended the Combat Stress six-week residential PTSD Intensive Treatment Programme in June 2016 at the Tyrwhitt House treatment centre in Surrey. 

“From the moment I arrived at Tyrwhitt House I felt safe for the first time in 34 years."

“Combat Stress gave me the tools to be able to manage my PTSD and live a happier life. I’ve got my wife, my family and my life back.

How Veterans’ Foundation helps

Due to our supporters’ generosity, Veterans’ Foundation has given Combat Stress a grant that has helped to fund their 24/7 hour emergency helpline. The helpline is often the first contact veterans will have with trained professionals who want to help them.

Robert Marsh, a director at Combat Stress explained the value of the helpline: “We’re incredibly grateful to the Veterans’ Foundation for their grant towards our Helpline. When a veteran contacts our Helpline it is often the first step towards getting the help they need.”

There are unfortunately thousands of veterans who are left suffering once their service comes to an end. Thankfully, there are many charities like Combat Stress who do what they can to support these veterans in need. But they often struggle with getting enough money to make real differences where they are needed. 

Veterans’ Foundation exists to keep these charities running so our heroes will be cared for once they have left the Armed Forces. We have given £2million to charities and we will continue to give more. To help veterans in need, join our ranks and play the Veterans’ Lottery.

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