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May 06 2020

Veterans’ Foundation is delighted to support HighGround in the fantastic work they carry out in assisting veterans. From helping veterans find gainful employment in land-based industries once their time in the British Armed Forces is at an end to providing incredible therapy opportunities to thousands of veterans - HighGround is clearly a force for good in the veterans’ community. 

What has Veterans’ Foundation helped to fund?

Veterans’ Foundation has provided a grant to help fund HighGround’s Rural Weeks project. The idea behind Rural Weeks is to give veterans introductory training for industries focused within the land-based sector. This course can serve as the foundation for a future career in one of many industries centred on working outdoors. Veterans’ Foundation helped to sponsor Rural Weeks during 2019. Alongside various other activities, speakers from across the land-based sector gave presentations highlighting some of the career options ahead of veterans on the course. Speakers from RSPB, Forestry England, golf courses, farms and outdoors activities groups. This selection of organisations gives a good idea of the avenues for employment offered by industries within the land-based sector. 


Kirsty McNichol who is HR Training Manager at Hi-Line explains some of the reasons veterans are highly sought after in the land-based sector: “We hire ex-forces people because they tend to come with good leadership skills, they bring a lot of vital experience for our industry in working outdoors in all weathers, a lot of enthusiasm, hard work and punctuality. Veterans tend to be reliable and turn up every day which is something that can't be said for all people!”

How has High Ground helped veterans?

John Macleod served in the British Army and once he left found himself left with traumatic stress he picked up whilst in service. After leaving the Armed Forces, John found himself in Hedley Court where he was recuperating from both physical injury and mental health issues. HighGround ran horticultural therapy in the grounds, John took part in these therapy sessions and was encouraged to pursue further opportunities in employment within the land-based sector. Some of the experience he gained with HighGround included worked with injured vultures in Africa. John then did some work with Hawks of Steele who ended up offering him an apprenticeship with them. John explains how HighGround have helped him: "We've seen and done things that come back to bite us. Before I started working with HighGround I struggled very badly with my mental health. Working with the birds helps you to forget, you have to keep your eyes on them at all times. it's helped me massively and now I'm in a good place thanks to the opportunities HighGround provided me.” 

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