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Veteran's Outreach Support receive grant

May 06 2020

Veterans’ Foundation is proud to support Veteran’s Outreach Support with a grant. VOS operate in Portsmouth and support veterans with their drop-in days.

How does Veteran’s Outreach Support help UK veterans?

With free monthly drop-in sessions and weekly support groups for veterans and their families, a comprehensive range of support services and general care is made available to veterans. In their monthly drop-in sessions, representatives from established charities and support networks established to help veterans suffering are present. They represent a wide range of support services so veterans are able to access the specific care they require whenever they need it. This is an invaluable service as often the hardest step to recovery is admitting you need help and opening up to someone.  

Alongside the vital practical support offered by these drop-in sessions, the simple fact of being able to talk and share time with normal people and other veterans is valuable. Veterans often respond well when they are able to share their situations with other veterans. Often, veterans find that civvies can not fully comprehend what they are going through. Having a place where veterans can relax, be themselves and spend time with similar people is a vital asset to any community. 

How has Veterans’ Foundation supported Veterans’ Outreach Support?

As Veteran’s Outreach Support is staffed by volunteers there is a need to simply provide the incredible services that are made available to veterans. Veterans’ Foundation’s grant provides the funds needed to ensure that veterans in Portsmouth get the care they need. The Veterans’ Foundation grant also pays general support to veterans, ensuring they are living a good quality of life. VOS has also started running their support network in the Isle of Wight, Veterans’ Foundation’s grant goes a long way in ensuring this project is also successful. 

With over 800 individual support meetings carried out amongst veterans in the past year comes the cost of paying experts to provide stellar support. The more expert appointments Veteran’s Outreach Support can provide, the more veterans can make strives to overcome the challenges they face.

Every year Veteran’s Outreach Support increases the number of veterans who pass through their doors. They are keen to see the numbers increase, grants from charities like Veterans’ Foundation ensure this growth and the benefits to Portsmouth veterans can continue. 

A VOS service user explains the benefit having access to the clinical services funded by Veterans’ Foundation provides: “Since I first walked through these doors (VOS) I would never have envisaged where I am now. From suicidal thoughts & drinking to now working again & moving out of social housing to private rental.”


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